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WHIST - Women's careers hitting the target: gender management in scientific and technological research - Versione italiana

The WHIST Project has been financed by the Seven Framework Research Programme and the agreement was signed by the European Commission - DG Research and the Department of Equal Opportunities on July 7, 2009.

The WHIST project, as the previous PRAGES project, is coordinated by the Department for Equal Opportunities and  consists of a coordinated set of activities of networking, awareness-raising, experimentation and knowledge transfer between scientific organisations of different countries and of different kinds as well as between scientific organisations and decision-makers. The duration of the project will be 27 months.

The project's aim is  to "improve the situation of gender diversity in science, by inter alia improving transparency in recruitment, promotion, and nomination" and increase the capacity of scientific and technological (S&T) institutions in monitoring, managing and feeding gender diversity in their own organisation, at all levels.

The project main objectives are :

  • Testing co-ordinated packages of actions aimed at removing the factors hindering a condition of full gender equality in scientific careers, such as the problems connected with the work-life balance or the distortions influencing access, selection and appointment of members of top management of research;
  • Defining, on the basis of the existing knowledge and practical experimental initiatives, a set of guidelines for promoting gender diversity (i.e. enhancing women status, adopting a gender sensitive scientific perspective, implementing diversity management strategies) in S&T institutions;
  • Promoting exchange and knowledge transfer on policies in gender diversity management among research institutions of different kinds (universities, other types of public research centres, private companies);
  • Supporting a high-level dialogue among experts, policy makers and leaders of public and private scientific institutions, geared to feeding a positive orientation towards gender diversity and to promoting a gender balance in decision-making in the realm of scientific research.

The Whist project has been financed also by the office "IGRUE" of the Italian Ministry for Finance and Treasure.