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"Women's Way into Science"

The Final Conference of the project "PRActising Gender Equality in Science" - PRA.G.E.S. entitled "Women's Way into Science: Lesson Learned an New Challenges for gender Equality" will take place in Rome on December 3-4, 2009 at the "Sala Polifunzionale" of the Presidency of Council of Ministers - located in Via Santa Maria in Via, 37.

This event, organised by the Department for Equal Opportunities, will be devoted to the dissemination of the Guidelines to promote the presence of women in decision making post in scientific research in the Public administration, and more in general, to improve gender equality in science.

The Final Conference will be open by the representatives of the Department for Equal Opportunities and by the DG Research of the European Commission and will be attended by all the partners of the Project, the members of the International Board of Advisors, important international and national representatives, researchers and scholars.

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